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2022 Rieju MR200 Racing

Rieju has taken everything needed to make a great enduro bike – robust 2-stroke powerplant, supple suspension, and a well-mannered chassis – and combined it into the MR 200cc, 250cc, and 300cc RACING models.

With top-shelf components from Kayaba, Keihin, Nissin, Neken, and more, Rieju has built the MR RACING Series to be serious performers, all while boasting the best price on the market!

Rieju has picked up where GasGas left off, and will continue to manufacture, market, and develop the Spanish Enduro bike


KYB has the best-feeling suspension in the industry. The MR RACING Series all feature a KYB 48mm AOS fork and fully-adjustable KYB shock, with almost 12” of travel front and rear. They will gobble up rocks, roots, and hack right out of the box!


Rieju knows there’s nothing better after stalling on a steep sidehill that stabbing the “Magic Button” and being on your way again. Electric Start comes standard, but unlike the competition, MR200/250/300 all come standard with a kickstart backup.


Nissin brake master cylinders and calipers provide the perfect balance of feel and power. They offer great modulation and feedback without being too grabby, but they still offer plenty of bite to get you slowed down from top speed in a hurry.