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    Sand Drifter UTV Paddle Tires & Rims


    30-14 Front Set mounted on HD9 BL Wheels $550.95

    30-14 Rear Set mounted on HD9 BL Wheels $650.95

    32-15 Front Set mounted on HD9 BL Wheels $599.95

    32-15 Rear Set mounted on HD9 BL Wheels $699.95


    See the Benefits!

    1 14 one-inch tall paddles help move your machines with ease.

    2 Deep rim guard protects the wheel lip and keeps sand out of the bead area.

    3 Light carcass provides a durable and wide footprint for today’s large-bore UTVs.

    4 Reinforced lower side wall minimizes tire roll and allows for low-psi operation for max flotation.

    HD9 Rims Sand Dunes

    Dune Paddle Tires
    Polaris UTVCan Am UTV

    Elka Legacy ATV Shock Absorbers

    Elka Shock Absorbers

    Upgrading the handling, performance and comfort level of your Sport and Racing ATV with our Legacy Series shock packages.

    The Legacy Series are ideal for casual and recreational riders looking for a simple, affordable shock upgrade or in need of an OE replacement shock. The Legacy Series can improve the comfort, ride compliance and handling beyond what the stock shocks have to offer. Their design is based on our previous generation technology with steel shock body, external reservoirs and basic adjustments. They are sold as either front pairs, rear units or complete kits that include the front and rear shocks at a discounted price to make them more accessible to everyone.


    Best ATV Shock Absorbers

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