Meet the Team

Here they are! Our great team! We are all here to help you and share your enthusiasm with the sport!

Screwie Lewie

“Screwie” Lewie

The motorsports industry has provided me with some great experiences and opportunities! One of the most important is all the friends and acquaintances I have made. My appreciation goes out to all of my customer’s and friends who have helped to make this business what it is!

I enjoy all types of riding, from single track riding in the desert and woods, to high speed rides through the sand dunes, and slick rock rides in Moab, UT. I have had the opportunity to ride everything from ATC’s, ATV’s, UTV’s, dirtbikes and street bikes, I enjoy them all, however, my passion is riding dirt bikes. I also have fun snow boarding, mountain biking and jet skiing. I have had so many great adventures and look forward to so many more!

Jennifer (Jay)


I really enjoy all the great people I meet everyday in this industry! We have such amazing customers! My passions are riding, jet skiing, hiking, dancing and having fun with my friends and family. I love riding my two-stroke TRX250R in the dunes! Can’t seem to switch to a four-stroke ATV yet! I also ride a CRF150R off road. Recently have added our Redline Riot to my list of great things to do! We have such a great team here, we hope you come to see us soon!



I have been with Screwie Lewie’s Motorsports since I was a teenager. Screwie Lewie’s was my first job. I love everything about this industry. The customers I have met over the years make my job joyful and entertaining! I enjoy riding, jet skiing and watching my kids enjoy this sport as well. I always look forward to meeting new customers to share our experiences and knowledge together!



I have been wrenching on bikes professionally for over 20 years. I love to ride and jet ski. I have always fixed things and have loved tools. The dunes are my favorite place to ride!

NEW Products

Screwie Lewie’s is constantly receiving new products from our manufacturers. We want to be sure you have access to all the newest parts and accessories in the industry. Our team is always researching great products for our customers!